In Abkhazia called the exercises of Georgia and NATO a challenge to national security

The Abkhazian foreign Ministry called the Georgian and NATO exercises an open challenge to its national security.
Georgia is hosting the second NATO-Georgia multinational exercise from 18 to 29 March. They involve more than 20 allies and partners in NATO, as well as international humanitarian organizations. As stated in the Alliance, the purpose of the exercise is “to improve the interaction between NATO and Georgia and the training of the Georgian armed forces to NATO standards for joint training and exercises.”
“The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia regards the next exercises of Georgia and NATO as an open challenge to national security. We urge Tbilisi and Brussels to realize the harmfulness of such a frank demonstration of their military ambitions,” the Ministry’s website said.
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Abkhazia expressed the belief that the active process of Georgia’s interaction with NATO should be the subject of serious discussion of international mediators and participants of consultations in Geneva. “We need a clear understanding that the possible attempts of Tbilisi to undermine efforts to ensure peace and security in the Transcaucasus will be severely suppressed,” the report says.
Institutional cooperation between Georgia and NATO began in 1994, when the country became a member of the Partnership for peace. After the “rose revolution” of 2004, cooperation between Georgia and NATO became more intense. In April 2008, at the NATO summit in Bucharest, it was confirmed that Georgia could become a member of the Alliance in the future, provided that its standards were met. During the NATO summit in Wales, which took place on 4-5 September 2014, a package of measures was approved to assist Georgia in its quest for membership in the Alliance.

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