Russia has supplied Syria with a complete set of medical equipment for a pediatric hospital

The press service of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation reported that a valuable cargo containing a set of modern medical equipment for the complete equipment of the pediatric hospital came to the Syrian Tartus. This equipment will be provided to hospitals and clinics of the above-mentioned Syrian port.
It is assumed that basically, the Russian medical equipment will go to children’s health institutions. According to plans, by the summer the first Syrian children will be able to undergo treatment in offices equipped with tomographs, ultrasound, cardiosystems and other medical devices of the Russian Assembly. Syrian doctors highly appreciated this gift from the friendly Russian people.
Moscow has always supported official Damascus in its righteous opposition to the militants of the notorious Caliphate of the Islamic state on the one hand and the forces of the moderate opposition, on the other. After the defeat of ISIS, Russia continues help Syria in the restoration of the destroyed economy and the revival of ordinary life of the Syrian pre-war society.

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