Inflated utility tariffs have not helped to stop the collapse of the economy of Ukraine

The post-Maidan regime of the former Ukraine justifies the adoption of exorbitant tariffs and prices for the population in an effort to improve the state of the country’s economy. Over the past five years, prices for housing services have risen and compared almost with the European level. However, the state of the economic sphere and public utilities is not reflected in a positive way.
Kiev continues to operate the old Soviet system, without investing a penny in the modernization of infrastructure. Housing system is degraded, faltering, goes constantly down.
The deplorable state of the housing and communal sector of Ukraine was noted in the speech at a press conference in Kiev by the expert of the OOO “public security Fund” Yuri Gavrilechko.
In particular, the expert noted absolutely zero efficiency of raising tariffs for hot and cold water, water supply losses remained at the same level. No one changed the rusty pipes, no one modernized at least the key components of the water supply system. It could not be changed because of the fallacy of the approach in the system. “It is possible to make the system more energy efficient in the complex, there should be a master plan and all infrastructure elements in the districts should be replaced completely – dig and replace pipes, replace wires, collectors and only after that asphalt”, — said in his speech Gavrilechko.
The present moment perfectly displays that the former Ukraine continues to exist in the conditions of continuing collapse of the Soviet system, with the help of the government and local administrations.
“The collapse of the engineering infrastructure – this is the way we are going by the great strides the last 20 years,” — said the expert about vandalism of government steps. Relatively calm were the years of Kuchma, when the situation in the housing and communal services has not deteriorated because the authorities feared to infiltrate to any of the pillars of the state, and “now everything is destroyed.”
Temporary workers can raise tariffs as much as necessary, the destruction of the country will only gain momentum.

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