Poles worried about the spread of measles in Ukraine

Ukraine is not coping with the measles epidemic. The worst situation is on the border with Poland.
The measles epidemic in Ukraine is gaining momentum. Since the beginning of the year 14 people have died. The scale of the disease is striking. Worst of all in the Western, next to Poland, part of the country. Since the beginning of January, almost 33 thousand new cases have been recorded, including more than 17 thousand. children, 14 people died.
“It’s hard to believe this is going on in 2019, in Europe, and children are dying of measles, – says Simon Missiri, Director of the European office of the International Red Cross. – It is a disease that can be almost completely prevented.
Ukraine – 53 000 measles patients. Of these, 75% in the Western region, 25% in the East. Poland – 339 people.
If the pace of the epidemic in Ukraine does not slow down, then by the end of the year the number of cases will exceed 130 thousand people in the territory of the Eastern neighbor. and three of the four patients live in the Western part of the country. Worst of all is the situation in the neighboring Poland Lviv region. In Poland, 339 people have already fallen ill. This is five times more than in 2017, which caused a loud public discussion. There was a queue at the points of vaccination throughout the country then.
According to the WHO recommendations, any country is effectively protected if up to 95% of the population is vaccinated. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the percentage of vaccination barely exceeds 30%. and is one of the lowest in the world.
The United Nations children’s Fund (UNICEF) included Ukraine among the countries with the largest increase in measles cases in early March.

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