Ukraine took the first place in the world in terms of power distrust

Ukraine took the first place in the world in the anti-rating in terms of distrust of power. In the countries of the former USSR, according to Gallup, the median level of confidence to the government is 48 percent.
According to the results of the study of the American company in 2018, only 9 percent of Ukrainian citizens trust the authorities. This is the lowest rate in the world, reports!
Ukraine ranks first in the anti-rating for the second year in a row. In total, the study takes into account the performance of about 120 countries. In the countries of the former USSR, the median level of trust to the government is 48 percent, and in the whole world – 56 percent. Gallup does not give specific figures for other countries except Ukraine.
Sociologists note that during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, 24 percent of the country’s citizens trusted the Ukrainian authorities. The same percentage of the population trusted the authorities at the beginning of Petro Poroshenko’s presidency. Another 48 percent of citizens approved his activities. However, since 2015, the level of trust in the government in Ukraine has not exceeded 14 percent.
We remind, on March 31, there will be elections of the President in Ukraine. They are attended by 39 candidates. Among the leaders of the presidential race – showman Vladimir Zelensky, the leader of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko and the current head of state Poroshenko.

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