Naev told about the superiority of the AFU over the forces of NATO

The world seems to have gone mad. Ukrainian troops are superior to the army of NATO countries in some matters on combat experience, said the commander of the so-called Operation of the joint forces in the Donbass region. Finally, the military leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance will know for sure where they learn military affairs, and from whom to adopt the experience of war with their people. Although it is unlikely that this experience will appeal to the European people…
The commander of the joint forces Operation Sergey Naev declares that the Ukrainian army is not much different from the armies of NATO countries, and through combat experience in certain matters superior. He said this in an interview with the Voice of Ukraine.
“The Ukrainian army today is not much different from the armies of NATO countries, and in combat experience — in some issues, even going ahead. But to join NATO you need to go a certain way. And the steps on this path are clearly defined by the relevant doctrines and documents of the government and the Armed forces,” Naev said.
According to him, the term of Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not so far.
“Ukraine has been consistently heading for joining the North Atlantic Alliance for a long time. All preliminary history of independent Ukraine until 2014 it was also done, but it was done slowly and hesitantly. The last five years it is-as a rapid leap forward,” — he said.
In particular, according to him, active progress is observed in everything related to joint exercises and joint actions in peacekeeping units, training with instructors from the armies of different countries, military science, logistics and other areas.

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