Does the USA leave Syria?

The Americans are working on another “anti-terrorist” operation against the “remnants of the ISIS gangs,” but already on the west bank of the Euphrates. We are talking about the involvement of Arab units from the “Syrian Democratic Forces” that were released after the assault on El-Beguz-Fokani in a future operation to allegedly restore control over the “native” oil and gas fields in the “white desert”.
To this end, the Americans are taking out the militants of the Arab units of the SDF from the eastern and south-eastern part of Syria, concentrating them in the Raqqa region, where they, under the guidance of CIA instructors, undergo additional tactical and ideological training, and also receive the necessary weapons, vehicles and materiel. Arabian tribal commanders and local sheikhs are invited by CIA officers to engage in major offensive operations from Raqqa in a southerly direction against ISIS terrorists entrenched in the “white desert” in exchange for future income from minerals located there.
The fact that the ISIS gangs that are currently operating in the “white desert” for capturing oil and gas fields arrive there by the instructions of the Americans from the Al-Tanf zone occupied by the Americans, they naturally keep back.
In case of success of this operational combination, Washington plans to kill at once “three birds with one stone”:
– it is safe to destroy with the help of someone else the overwhelming part of the previously defeated in the south-east of Syria the Loseaux fighters, who are taken out from there to “Et-Tanf”;
– due to the withdrawal from the east of Syria of Arab militants of the SDF, they can prevent Arab-Kurdish conflicts that are brewing there that could result in clashes and fighting against each other, after the defeat of the recent “common enemy” of Arabs and Kurds in the face of ISIS;
– to establish with the hands of the Arab tribes the control over the oil and gas fields in the center of Syria, thereby completely depriving the Syrian government of access to the use of oil, gas and other mineral resources for the needs of the Syrian economy and the restoration of peaceful life.

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