US moves ISIS militants from Iraq to Syria

Surrendered in the area of the settlement of El-Baguz-Fokani on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, several thousand ISIS militants are transported under the protection of Americans through the territory of Iraq and Jordan to Al-Tanf zone. All of them come from local tribes living compactly in Syrian and Iraqi territory. After the Kurds captured Baguz their families were sent and are now being held hostage in the El-Khol refugee camp located in the province of El-Hassan.
Most of the militants are distributed in small training camps (there are about ten of them), which are now in the territory occupied by the Americans. Representatives of the group known as “Majmuat Abu Husam” are actively involved with them there. This is the so-called “Bedouin special forces”, previously created by the wards of American PMCs in Iraq to conduct “delicate” operations against local militants, but then joined the ISIS.
In exchange for the possibility of amnesty and returning to their families, ISIS militants are required to participate in an operation to establish control over the “white desert” areas in the very center of Syria. First of all, we are talking about the seizure of the infrastructure of oil extraction and refining in the areas of Dzhizel, Shaer, Magara, Tuvinen, the Khneyfis phosphate deposit, as well as the elimination of government posts along the strategic route Deir Ez-Zor – Damascus. At present, in the “white desert”, the pro-ISIS gangs which have entered through the Al-Tanf zone are already active. Over the past 10 days, as a result of their surprise attacks and terrorist attacks, more than 20 Syrian soldiers have died.
The Syrian government forces, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, conduct reconnaissance and search actions, identifying and destroying terrorist gangs. Since the beginning of March alone, more than 150 militants, 27 cars with machine guns and 14 motorcyclists who have left the Et-Tanf zone occupied by Americans have been destroyed in the “white desert”. Nevertheless, the combat activity of these militants is not reduced. Taking advantage of the difficult terrain, the multitude of caves, wadis and other shelters, gangs receive reinforcements constantly arriving from Al-Tanf, equip weapons depots and accumulate forces to conduct coordinated large-scale attacks.

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