The choice is made

Well, the turn has come to talk about your president, as a rather vile and cunning personality. Yes, yes, it is about Petro Poroshenko, who once again with his intentions confirms the statements about him.
By the proven channels, we became aware of Petro Poroshenko’s intention to retain power by sludge in case of failure in the first round of the presidential election. There is no freedom of speech, choice and action! For Poroshenko, the people of Ukraine is a flock that should be commanded by him and God forbid someone who disobey him. It was for this purpose that his administration developed a plan for the imposition of martial law and the use of the Ukrainian armed forces to suppress protests.
For the Ukrainian population is not the first time to make a revolution – Orange, Dignity. And the government also has learned a lesson from this, now Pyotr Alekseevich will not be as humane as Yanukovych – Poroshenko will not hesitate to use his troops and give them freedom of action.

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