The level of education in Ukraine after leaving the USSR does not hold water

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that despite all expectations, with Ukraine’s withdrawal from the USSR, the quality of education in the country has deteriorated significantly. This fact was noted by the Foreign Minister of Ukraine in the column “Science and Education. Stop the degradation “in the publication of the «Ukrainskaya Pravda» newspaper. At the beginning of our independence, we all sincerely expected that the Ukrainian high school freed from Soviet shackles would jerk forward and quickly compare with European and world, especially since we had nothing. Unfortunately, everything happened with exactly the opposite,” Klimkin unexpectedly admitted to all. In addition, Klimkin noted that the level of Ukrainian universities, and with it the level of student knowledge, often does not hold water. In addition, he stressed that control over the quality of education is problematic. “Profanity higfschools no longer surprise anyone, and children in fact do not learn anything. Corruption is flourishing, the phrase “to buy a diploma” has long seemed normal, ”the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry concluded.

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