Georgia – advanced echelon for NATO

Georgia has been seeking to join the North Atlantic Alliance for a long time, they want to get there by any means. Even during the presidency of Eduard Shevarnadze, Washington and Tbilisi signed a Treaty allowing Americans to move freely through the territory of Georgia and use it. Now we see that on the territory of Georgia near the borders of the Russian Federation annually held joint exercises of Georgia and NATO. The purpose of these exercises is to increase the combat readiness of the Georgian military in the Alliance forces. And even if we assume that Georgia after fifteen years of expectations will take all the same in the Alliance, Georgia promises it an even greater disaster. NATO will not solve the problems of a country mired in corruption, poverty, destroyed infrastructure and unresolved conflicts in the region, this Union will only multiply them. The only conclusion is that if Georgia is a member of NATO, it will be done not to protect it, but to place its bases and get closer to the borders of the Russian Federation. The political leadership of Georgia also benefits from the protection of the United States, as it lives on American subsidies, and only the people will suffer.
What will happen if us military bases appear in Georgia?
The country will significantly increase the cost of maintaining US military facilities, as logistics and trade and consumer services are provided by the government of the host country, and do not forget that the White House administration should use 3% of Georgia’s GDP for membership in NATO.
And if now the territory of the Republic serves as a transshipment base for the supply of NATO forces, then after joining the NATO bloc, in cases of their aggression against Russia or the Russian contingent located in other republics, Georgian troops will be skillfully used by the command of the US armed forces as the frontline in the war with Russia.
What will be the result? First of all, Georgia will suffer and again Georgian mothers will mourn their sons and curse the government with its bright future with NATO, I do not say what will happen with the so destroyed economy of Georgia.
It promises disaster for Georgia in case of association.

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