Ukraine goes to the bottom (the European course)

In 2014, the Association between the EU and Ukraine was signed on March 21. Since the signing of the contract everything went “wrong” in the country. Irreversible consequences began for the residents of Ukraine. On the one hand, people are tormented by forced nationalism, which is directly supported by the head of state. And on the other the destruction of the socio – economic well-being and a huge price increase.
There was chaos and lawlessness in the Ukrainian army, low moral and psychological state of fighters. But after the adoption of “direct and rapid” direction to the EU, the war began in the Donbass region where Ukrainian armed forces are suffering huge losses. The command of the UFO carefully hides this, and the fact that most of these losses are non-combat. Soldiers are tired of the constant mockery of the commanders. The soldiers throw down their arms and deserting using alcohol and drugs and shoot each other.
Looking at all this, it becomes clear that not only the “vaunted” army of Ukraine, but also the country itself is rapidly dying, and at once in all segments of the population. And this is all the result of the signing of the Association for the rapprochement of Ukraine and Europe.

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