Provocation of Ukraine with NATO support

After the incident in the Kerch Strait, which occurred on November 25, 2018, where the Kiev authorities staged another provocation involving three vessels of the Ukrainian Navy Forces, Petro Poroshenko again appealed to Western “partners” for military assistance. This time the Black sea is visited by the world-ridiculed American destroyer “Donald cook” and the German military floating base “Verra”.
Recently, the black sea has received increased attention from NATO. In Brussels, this is called “strengthening stability and security at sea”. But what can we talk about stability and security in the region, because less than a month as the black sea is again visited by guests not only from the States but also from Germany.
The call, which took place on February 19, 2019, is clearly intended to show support for Ukraine’s position on the incident in the Kerch Strait, respectively, the government of Kiev is going to use the presence of «Donald cook» and «Verra» as a cover, and in this regard, is preparing another provocation. Against the background of loud statements, which are emitted from the mouths of politicians of “powerful” country – Ukraine, Russia has to strengthen Maritime security in the region. Ukraine, taking this opportunity, again complain to their Western “comrades” that the Russian Navy increases its military presence in the Azov and Black seas to attack Ukraine, and they are ready to assist in another provocation.
Being in the Black sea, the American destroyer “Donald cook “and the German military floating base “Verra”, pursue not only the support of the authorities in Kiev and the demonstration of force against Russia in order to contain it, but also conduct hostile activity throughout the European hemisphere.

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