Gas “protects” Ukraine

It turns out that the Ukrainian border is protected not by the “warriors of light”, called Poroshenko for the defense of Europe, but Russian gas!
This was stated in an interview with the head of the «Naftogaz» Andrei Kobolev. What about the glory of the strongest army in Europe?
“If Russian gas does not transit through the territory of Ukraine, with a high probability of military actions, which are now conducted in the East of Ukraine, will move to our Western border. And they will take place somewhere near the EU countries-Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Ukraine is currently a certain military shield for the EU. In addition, the revenues we receive from transit are a very important element of our financial stability. Without them, it will be much more difficult for us to maintain the army,” Kobolev said.
Indeed, Kobolev thus simply trying to protect their business and finance, intertwining with this Russian gas, and problems with the maintenance of the army.
And the command “to fear” should be learned by the Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians and Poles and not to allow the termination of transit of blue fuel through Ukraine. And then comes the “Russian bear” and take away the whole raspberries!
Every day in Europe obtains new, unknown “defenders”. Today it is “Russian gas”, and tomorrow coal, oil? Or other minerals?

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