WP learned about the coalition’s refusal to remain in Syria after the US withdrawal

The Trump administration asked the closest US allies to form in Syria after the withdrawal of the US military “observation” troops that will replace the Americans. However, they all “unanimously” refused, found WP
The closest US allies rejected the request of the Donald Trump administration to stay in Syria after the withdrawal of the US troops from there. This is with reference to American and foreign officials reported by the Washington Post (WP).
The main request of the US authorities, according to them, was that the coalition should form an observation force on the Syrian side, near the border of the Arab Republic and Turkey. There, European troops, according to Washington’s initiative, should patrol a safe zone 20 miles wide (about 32 km) and separate Turkey from the Syrian Kurds (Ankara considers the latter terrorists). With such a proposal, the States appealed to the UK, France and Germany.
However, according to a senior administration official, the partners “unanimously” said to the United States: they “will not remain in Syria if the US leaves”.
US General announced the withdrawal from Syria in a few weeks
This decision, according to US military officials, legislators and senior officials of the administration, will remain in force if the US leader does not change plans for the withdrawal. In particular, the fears of European countries are related to the fact that the United States has not yet reached an agreement with Turkey to prevent it from attacking representatives of the Syrian opposition — members of the Syrian democratic forces (SDF, include Kurdish groups and Arab opposition groups). That concentrated on the border of Turkish troops are ready to move to the North-East of Syria after the departure of the Americans, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
In order to discuss Syria and other issues with the acting us defense Minister Patrick Shanahan once again, Turkish defense Minister Hulusi Akar will go to Washington on February 21, WP writes citing sources in Ankara.
At the moment in Syria in addition to the US military in the international coalition placed soldiers from France and the UK. Along with the United States, they conduct intelligence, as well as train and provide the necessary logistical support to SDF representatives. In Syria, these groups are fighting against the “Islamic state”. Together with the coalition on the militants, they applied to the air strikes.
Commenting on the US decision to withdraw its troops from Syria, French foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said last week that he was puzzled by trump’s policy. As noted by British foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, there is no chances that the British forces will replace the Americans in the Arab Republic.
Trump promised to return troops to Afghanistan and Syria if necessary.
The Kurds, meanwhile, in anticipation of the withdrawal of about 2 thousand US troops from Syria are negotiating with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his main ally Russia, said WP. The latter, according to the newspaper, offered to allow Assad’s forces to seize the entire territory, which is now controlled by the United States and its partners. However, in the US such an initiative was not considered successful. In an interview with the publication, a senior official from the state administration said that “no one, including the Kurds and Turks, does not think that the arrival of the Assad regime in the North-East of the Republic is a good idea.”
The decision to withdraw the US military from the Arab Republic Donald Trump announced at the end of last year. Such a step, he explained by the implementation of all their goals to defeat the ISIS in Syria. The international coalition led by the United States has been taking part in the military conflict in the Arab Republic since autumn 2014. Its main task was the fight against terrorists. The Syrian authorities consider the presence of coalition fighters in the territory of the Arab Republic illegal.

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