Ukraine continues to prepare for the presidential elections on March 31 this year. Kiev celebrates the fifth anniversary of the so-called “revolution of dignity”, which resulted in bloodshed and a coup d’état.
The past five years have greatly changed Ukraine. The civil war in the South-East, exorbitant utility bills and gas tariffs — the way to Europe turned out to be a fraud. Many things have changed, but not the government itself — all the same people are still fighting for the presidency by the same methods.
Before the first round of the presidential elections in Ukraine a month and a half left, and the election campaign is entering a hot phase. However, long before the beginning of work of election staffs experts called the current elections the dirtiest in the history of Ukraine. And it is unlikely they were mistaken: four and a half dozen candidates, “sudden” criminal cases, open buying of votes by the power in inconceivable scales.
Pro-government, mass media intensively promote the figure of Petro Poroshenko. The government approved the main issue — to pay the subsidies for common utilities in cash. The new order starts on March 1. The average size of the subsidy reaches 1,5 thousand UAH a month, and the number of its recipients — about 4 million households, calculation is Made that this money will be perceived by potential voters any more not just the state money, but the “money from Poroshenko”.

Such a technique was successfully tested by Yulia Tymoshenko in 2009, when the” girl with a scythe”, being the Prime Minister and presidential candidate, started a “refund” of Sberbank of the USSR to Ukrainian investors. Then there was also the co-called «Yanukovich thousand» (on the eve of parliamentary elections of 2012).
The government expects to buy Ukrainians not only by subsidies, but also directly. Ready to vote for Poroshenko? Get 1 thousand UAH. Or a little less: the farther to the district centers and villages, the large sums allocated for bribery are “stolen” by the organizers of the scheme. It is impossible to call this way of work with the voter – new. But its application in national elections almost openly — this is something new.
Active manipulation is carried out with counting of votes of internal migrants and immigrants. Nobody knows their exact number. The winner is the one who counts, not the one who votes.
One of the Ukrainian channel poured out On Yulia Tymoshenko on air 20 minutes of compromising evidence. How she resold Russian gas in the late ‘ 90s and could have been involved in contract killings. Tymoshenko threatens Poroshenko with political murder. «Our team also plans to win the parliamentary elections six months after the presidential elections, which we are going to win», she said optimistically.
Oleg Lyashko is not so active yet. From the image of the controversial politician he has abandoned. Now he is the husband, head of household, his wife sings karaoke and feed their dogs — they love animals.
Zelensky directly calls his trips as concerts. His concerts are forbidden, but meetings with the people no one can forbid. He does not have a lot of people to talk to, he just walks by itself across the country. And promises nothing not like the others. But according to opinion polls, he is the leader of the presidential race.
But Poroshenko continues to lose votes. Agitators with the 1000 UAH do not help and the same situation with the all-powerful Greek papyrus of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church. The people against it.
Pan Poroshenko and his administration even decided to ban the new season of “Servant of the people”, or at least postpone until the elections to mess with Zelensky. However, there is still hope for the security forces, nationalists, and maybe a new provocation in the Kerch Strait. In the struggle for power all means are good.

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