Her Majesty’s terrorists

According to the middle East news Agency SANA, about four hundred British terrorists are still fighting in Syria on the side of ISIS. At the same time, all of them submitted by her Majesty, therefore, can freely return home at any time. At the same time, Syrian observers note that it is impossible to underestimate the potential risks of the sudden return of the British crown Islamists to their homeland.
In total, during the military conflict in Syria about nine hundred immigrants from the UK have come. It is clear that not all of them will be able to take the opportunity to go home: many will never return from this trip. However, some of the British radicals survived and will come to continue their Jihad against the infidels in their native places – in Britain or Ireland.
Obviously, this turn of events is terrible for the inhabitants of the British Empire. But this development of a situation is quite natural. The United Kingdom and the United States from the beginning of the war in the Syrian Arab Republic supported the forces of moderate local opposition. So as a result they received the return blow of the Islamic Caliphate in their not so well-protected gate.
Former head of the British intelligence organization MI-6 Richard Dirlam two years ago warned the countrymen about the growing threat of terrorist attacks on the banks of the Thames and in other cities of the island. And after the complete defeat of the ISIS in Syria, which will probably happen in the near future, the Mujahideen of all Europe will simply have to return to their homes.
A mixture of experienced terrorists from the Syrian Arab Republic and middle East refugees of various kinds, the wave of which flooded the Old world during the migration crisis of the last few years, can be more powerful than Molotov cocktails: so they should fear and prepare for explosions in the English capital or in other settlements of the UK. No wonder in 2017, ex-agent Dirlam predicted this possibility: he correctly evaluated whereas the whole middle East situation, and the hypothetical consequences for the country in the future.

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