Kiev asks NATO to support the Ukrainian naval forces in the Black sea

Ukrainian media reported about the request of the permanent representative of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Alliance Vadim Pristayko to the NATO leadership on the allocation of a separate package of assistance to the naval forces of Ukraine.
In the new material of the “European truth” explained the request of the Ukrainian politician, which will be expressed in financial, political and demonstrative support of the Ukrainian naval forces in the Black sea.
“We request for assistance in the development of the infrastructure of our naval forces, bases, ships, anti-ship assets. Intelligence, radars, exchange of information-all that the military should request from other countries for military assistance, ” the media quoted the diplomat’s statement.
Pristayko told about the official request to the Alliance from Kiev politicians. This proposal to the West Kiev coordinated with the leadership of the armed forces of Ukraine.
Recently, the press released information about the transfer to the disposal of the Ukrainian Navy of two American patrol boats of the “Island” type. Now the Ukrainian fleet has 6 small armored artillery boats. To date, Kiev has expressed its readiness to take up another similar boat and a couple of landing ships “Centaurs”.
According to the rumors, the General staff of the AFU are engaged in the formation of a set of warships that will perform combat missions in the Azov sea.

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