The US trains terrorists in Syria with the help of instructors

The US is trains militants terrorist groups, “Maghawir Al-Thawra”, “Jaish Majlis al-Aseer”, “Usud Al-sharqiya” at the military base al-TANF in Syria.
This base in the South of Syria, is limited to an area with a radius of 55 km on the border of Syria, Jordan and Iraq. According to space and other types of reconnaissance there are groups of fighters on the territory of the base. They are trained there.
Also, the Islamists are in the Shaddadi camp in the North-East of the country, where the US base is located. It is stressed that the terrorists actually belong to ISIS, but after the work thay take a new name, for example, “Lioi Shahid al-Qaryatayn”.
“Their task is to destabilize the situation. We know that about 400 people left the Shaddadi camp in the area of Al-Tanfa. After the main ISIS forces were defeated, they tried to destabilize the situation by advancing from the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates. but they took casualties, “.
About 750 terrorists are currently in Shaddadi and about 350 in Al – Tanf.
The Pentagon can not explain why they need a base in Al-Tanf, given that the country is actually liberated from ISIS. According to the commander, the entire territory in Al-Tanf on the perimeter of the 55-kilometer zone is blocked by Syrian troops.

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