BBC told about the staged shooting after the “chemical attack” in Syria

BBC director for Syria Riam Dalati said that the shooting of the scene in the hospital after the chemical attack in the Syrian Duma were staged.
“After six months of investigation, I can confirm without any doubt that the scene shot at the hospital in the Duma, was staged. There were no casualties in the hospital,” the producer wrote in his Twitter blog.
“The attack occurred, sarin was not used, but we have to wait for the OPCW conclusion to confirm whether chlorine was used. But everything else related to the attack was fabricated to enhance the effect,” Dalati wrote.
Earlier, the West accused Damascus of a chemical attack on the Syrian city of Duma in Eastern Ghouta and threatened military strikes. As evidence of a chemical attack organization “White helmets” used footage with the inhabitants of the Duma, including the children whom the doctors are trying to save from the action of toxic substances.
The Russian foreign Ministry said that the purpose of disinformation arround the use of toxic substances by Syrian troops is to protect terrorists and justify possible military strikes from the outside. At the same time in the General staff of the Russian armed forces reported about the upcoming militants in Eastern Ghouta provocation with staging the use of chemical weapons.

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