The double standards of the United States against Syria, Russia and Iran

Currently, the Syrian army and a group of Russian troops with other allies are successfully fighting terrorism, it can be argued that it is almost destroyed. And it is during this period that the US is trying to impose sanctions.
The U.S. Senate passed a bill, implying sanctions against Syria and its allies, including Russia and Iran. 77 out of 100 senators voted for the document. Next, the bill will go to the House of Representatives, and then – to be signed by the US President Donald Trump. And this once again points to double standards in Washington’s policy.
If the document is finally adopted, the subjects that cooperate with the SAR in the military, oil and gas and construction industry will fall under restriction. The bill also notes deep concern over the decision to withdraw the American contingent from Syria and Afghanistan. The senators believe that this will complicate the fight against terrorism and allow Russia and Iran to strengthen their positions in the region.
The American authorities in every way assist the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), Washington uses it to achieve geopolitical goals in the region.
In fact, the proposed sanctions penalize countries that are helping to rebuild Syria, which was destroyed by the United States itself or with its direct participation.
The cynicism of this decision is off the charts. Countries that will suffer as a result of sanctions pressure from the United States should respond accordingly and seek to isolate America from attempts to make them limited in such actions. In this situation, it is necessary to involve the UN and other institutions that can call Washington to order in the problem of American sanctions.

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