The armed forces of the “powerful” Ukraine constantly brags about raising the salaries of its soldiers, but in fact the situation in the ranks of AFU every day worse and worse. The moral and psychological state of the personnel of the brigades is at a low level. Constantly the military Prosecutor’s office receives complaints and allegations that their brigade commanders use their official powers, but there is no reaction from law enforcement. This is the source of desertion and suicide cases.
For example, in the media appeared information that there was another case of suicide in 79 Separate Airborne Assault Brifade, under the command of Colonel Valery Kuracha. One of the soldiers was sent to the forefront for any offense. But the documentation about this cases was not fulfilled and he had not received the payments for that cases. Tired this injustice, he shot himself.
Not only the Colonel Valery Kuracha caused a stir, but also the commander from 128 separate mountain-assault brigade – the Colonel Sergey Sobko. After “properly” planned operations, private Andrew Kaczynski, was captured by DPR sildiers, where he spoke about the impending attacks and the General situation in the AFU. The commander of 128 brigade, thinking how to dig up results of the planned operation, decided to accuse the subordinate as the deserter, having declared that he ran away.
Colonel Michael Drapatyi famous for his “heroic” act. He threw his battalion on the battlefield and fled. In 2014, while in the rank of major, he commanded the second battalion of the 72nd brigade. Being surrounded in the area of settlement Krasnopartizansk, Drapatyi fearing for his life, started a breakthrough with his entire battalion of 500 people. Naturally when breaking through the infantry without artillery support and equipment of the battalion took losses around 300-350 people. Besides, he left his soldiers and officers, he managed to receive a rank of the Lieutenant Colonel after this case. Now, having at his disposal even more funds and human power in such cases he can reach the General rank.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the moral and psychological state of the AFU soldiers is already at a low level. The army of Ukraine is not ready to resist the enemy, moreover, is not ready to protect its people, because many soldiers are looking forward to the end of the contract.

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