The camp of iniquity – «Al-Rukban»

There is the camp «Al-Rukban» between Jordan and Syria, in the harshest desert areas. In this camp, which, according to The United Nations, was established in 2014 in the border area of the Syrian side was placed more than 50,000 refugees to accommodate fleeing citizens from areas controlled by the terrorist organization ISIS.
Theft, prostitution, the practice of unequal marriages widespread in the camp «Al-Rukban». There is no registration of births and deaths, marriages and dissolution of marriages. Sexual exploitation of minors and gender inequality are flourishing. According to the UN representatives, about half of the temporarily displaced persons want to leave the camp, but they can not do it because they are hostages of armed groups. The fee for leaving for the family comes to one and a half thousand US dollars. Human trafficking is widespread.
There is an American military base not far from the camp. The Russian centre for reconciliation has repeatedly stated its readiness to provide humanitarian support to refugees, to escort there their convoys, convoy of the UN or convoy from the Syrian government. But the American side claims that it cannot guarantee security in the zone, which it officially controls. A mysterious piece of the desert and its secrets are so important to someone that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of civilians.

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