Ukraine prepares for a total shutdown: gas, coal and heating oil are running out

Ukrainians are frightened by another energy emergency: fuel reserves at domestic power plants and heat and power plants are rapidly running out.
This writes the Kiev Internet-the newspaper “Strana”.
It is indicated that according to the Ministry of energy and Coal of Ukraine, as of February 4, the warehouses of enterprises had about a million tons of coal, which is almost 38% less than on the same date last year. Fuel oil reserves are lower than last year by 43.7% – only 30.8 thousand tons. Gas in underground storage 11.1 billion cubic meters, which is less than in 2018 by 10.5%.
At the same time, the end of the heating season will be in 2.5 months, and forecasters warn that February and early March may be frosty. The energy needs will increase greatly.
“15 below zero and each additional degree of frost is “extra” 1 million kW / h of electricity. So there is a threat of mass blackouts”, – said the Chairman of the independent trade Union of miners Mikhail Volynets.
In its turn, the co-Chairman of the energy strategies Fund Dmitry Marunich says that Ukrainians can remain without heat.
“At least, preparing for the new activity of “Naftogaz” to #Screw. It is, in fact, already on the way, we were saved only by the current warming,” says Marunich.
«I agree with such assessments» says the head of special projects of NTC “Psycheya” Gennady Ryabtsev.
“Entire cities can stay without heat. Moreover, there is not any liability for disconnection of service for providers” – said Ryabtsev.

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