Army of Ukraine

During the great Patriotic war, the AFU troops have established themselves as a valiant army that waged war against the Nazi conquerors, and helped civilians.
In July 1942, for the manifestation of mass heroism the 28th rifle division received the title «Guards».
Soldiers of a division showed courage and heroism in fight for the Ukrainian territory: overcoming fierce resistance of the enemy, in 1943-1944 took part in liberation of Belgorod, Kharkov, Nikopol, Krivoy Rog and Voznesenskaya. In Odessa region they liberated more than 100 settlements of Berezovsky, Kominternovsky, Ivanovsky, Belyaevsky and Razdelnyansky areas.
After Ukraine gained independence during the reform of the Armed Forces, 28 separate guards mechanized brigade was created.
With the beginning of hostilities in the East of the country, the military of the famous military unit convincingly proved that the great honor and valor of the brigade has long been forgotten. During a dislocation in the anti-terrorist operation zone fighters plundered houses of civilians, brutally killed inhabitants who didn’t let them into the houses.
30 separate infantry division had 22 orders on its battle flags, 30 guards were awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union.
In the summer of 1944 the division was involved in the overcoming of the Eastern Carpathians. For the possession of the city of Debrecen on 14 November 1944, the division was awarded by the Order of the Red Banner.
In early 1957, the division was relocated to the city of Novograd-Volyn, and in April of the same year, the 11th guards mechanized division was reorganized into the 30th guards tank division.
With the beginning of the fighting in the Donbass soldiers of the famous military unit showed that the great honor and valor of the division, obtained by blood have lost forever. During the deployment in the ATO zone soldiers brutally killed the residents of Donbass, who disobeyed them, robbed pensioners. This is not all illegal actions that are committed at the present time.

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