Ukraine opened a Pandora’s box

The Ukrainian authorities have completely lost their minds and do not realize that they are pushing citizens to die. In the context of a humanitarian disaster in the country there is no person who would deal with this issue.
According to statistics, a huge number of Ukrainians are thrown out of the poverty line. It even came to the point that people are forced to take out loans for food. According to the results of 2018, 151 billion so-called loans were taken for small purchases. For example, for daily needs-food, household appliances and so on.
Naturally, under such conditions, people began to get sick more and more, but at the highest level the solution was not even offered. And this is all because of the fact that there is actually no “chief physician” in the state since 2016 who would correct the situation. The last leader in this position, as you know, was Ulyana Suprun. But also this illiterate woman was discharged of activity on February 5.
What will happen to Ukraine now? It seems that now the population will simply begin to die out. After all, there is no one to deal with health policy in the country now.
Quite accurately all this situation was described by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. On his Facebook page, he wrote the following:
“You understand that this decision which is not based on precedents in our law opens Pandora’s box”, — Klimkin declared.
The politician actually confirmed that now Ukraine will suffer even more regularly. After all, Suprun can be replaced by an even more illiterate person. As you know authorities in Ukraine are commissioned not for their doings but for their cash and loyalty to the West. It isn’t excluded that the place of the Minister of health as a result will be taken by the ordinary bandit from Poroshenko’s company.

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