“We need your wood”: how the EU devastates Ukraine

The other day, the European Union reminded Ukraine of the need to implement the Association Agreement with the EU, for the signing of which there were mass clashes in the center of Kiev five years ago. The EU officially demanded consultations with Ukraine on the resolution of the dispute on the ban on the export of roundwood
The European Commission stated that the agreement violates Ukraine shamelessly, as prohibits the export of roundwood to Europe, although illegal Ukrainian wood so massively “eurointegrates”, only stumps and a huge wasteland are remained in Ukraine.
“The EU believes that the long — term restriction of trade in Ukraine is a violation of the key trade provisions of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, prohibiting any form of export restrictions,” the European Commission said.
For Ukraine, this is an unprecedented dispute-for the first time since the Maidan, the EU intends to “punish” Ukraine in the court for the agreement on “free trade”.
Last year, as a condition of the allocation of financial assistance in the amount of 600 million euro, the EU has already demanded to lift the ban on wood exports, but then Petro Poroshenko managed to persuade European partners to give him money only under the “word of honor” to lift the ban. When it turned out that Kiev once again tightens the issue, the EU decided to act harder. However for Poroshenko now the most unprofitable time to resolve this issue as it is necessary to make a choice: to adjust against himself the considerable part of own electorate or the European partners? As a result, it was decided to simulate resistance in arbitration to surrender to the mercy of the winner.
According to the Chairman of the Committee on industrial policy and entrepreneurship, Deputy Viktor Galasyuk, the Cabinet is not going to firmly defend to the EU the preservation of a moratorium on the export of roundwood and deliberately plays along with the foreign side in the dispute over the Ukrainian wood. This is indicated, in particular, even in the choice of” arbitrators ” from Ukraine, who are supposed to defend the position of Kiev, but are unlikely to do so. they calls Ukraine’s position in this dispute a “giveaway game with the EU”, as both “lawyers” and “prosecutors” will pursue the same line.
“At least half of the Ukrainian arbitrators are unlikely to defend the Ukrainian position on the moratorium on forest exports at all, because they have been living on European grants for many years or working in European companies in Ukraine. With such “lawyers” of Ukraine and “detractors” from the EU won’t be necessary”, — Galasyuk declared.
In this dispute, Ukraine could theoretically use one weighty argument-to refer to the fact that the ban on the export of roundwood is temporary and due to the threat of environmental disaster, which formally corresponds to both WTO rules and the Association Agreement with the EU.
The European Union, for its part, claims that it was necessary to think about it earlier signing the Association Agreement. Kiev, according to EU officials, acts inconsistently: for some reason, Kiev specifically negotiated in the agreement with the WTO and the EU for certain preferences for the export of sunflower seeds and scrap metal, but did not even mention the protection of Ukrainian forests and the export of wood.

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