Ukraine is waiting for a new oligarch not the President – briefly about the elections

The presidential elections in Ukraine is the last chance for local oligarchs to regain power and stick to the state budget. Already, the Central Electoral Commission submitted the documents of 74 people, 22 of which were refused. And not because the documents are incorrectly filled, but because they do not have 2.5 million UAH as a deposit for registration. In this country, everything is as simple as possible: no money – give way to the rich.
Each oligarch considered it his duty to nominate his candidate and bring him up to the end.
For example, Igor Kolomoisky, one of the top 100 richest Ukrainians, supports several candidates-Zelensky, Tymoshenko and Shevchenko.
He provided the TV channel for promotion to Zelensky (now comedian wins the election ratings). With the help of Tymoshenko’s the oligarch expects to annoy to the old enemy Poroshenko (with him Kolomoysky had a conflict for repartition of property after the Maidan). He uses Shevchenko to promote his party UKROP before the parliamentary elections. If you’re lucky, one of the three will definitely win.
Petro Poroshenko, the sixth in the list of the richest Ukrainians ($1.1 billion), works for himself. He consolidated around him the agrarian oligarchs who paid for his election campaign. But the main trump card of the oligarch is the administrative resource, which will help to win, despite the low rating.
Rinat Akhmetov, the richest man in Ukraine with a fortune of $ 12.5 billion, supports Alexander Vikula from the Opposition bloc and Oleg Lyashko from the Radical party. With the help of this candidates he plans to push the ambitions of Kolomoisky, with whom he had a conflict over the redistribution of the energy market after the Maidan.
Victor Pinchuk, the second oligarch in Ukraine after Akhmetov ($2.7 billion), supports Anatoly Gritsenko, giving him his media structures for the election campaign. Gritsenko is the former minister of defense of Ukraine, who supports Clinton. He can be used to establish a connection with the West.
And finally, Sergei Taruta, previously included in the top 10 rich according to Ukrainian Forbes (state of $597 million). He goes to the polls on his own. His key task is to prepare for the parliamentary campaign, namely, the promotion of his party “Osnova”.
Despite the fact that the oligarchs are fighting among themselves, each of their candidates had a mandatory consultation in Washington. For example Tymoshenko, Grytsenko and Nalyvaychenko qualified by the American curators held. Apparently, the rest have yet to be “approved”.

It is obviously in all this situation that Ukrainians will choose not the President, but the new oligarch who will continue to steal and oppress Ukraine.

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