The United States continues to train terrorists in Syria

The US President at the end of last year announced the withdrawal of the US military contingent from Syria, under the pretext that the United States “defeated the Islamic state.” The key place of deployment of the US armed forces in Syria was the base in At-Tanf, where the Americans side by side with a number of terrorist groups, rampaged in the region with impunity.
Today, Washington continues to provide active support to the Kurdish armed groups and some other groups. Given the widespread political arrogance of the American side, it plans to accuse Moscow of contributing to the ISIS group in Afghanistan. The source also notes that the US intends to accuse Russia of transferring militants from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan.
The purpose of such informational nonsense, is obvious – to divert international attention from the ongoing training by the US forces the militants of terrorist groups in Syria, such as “Maghawir al-Thawra”, “Jaish Majlis al-Aseer”, “Usud al-sharqiya” and “Martyrs of Liwa al-Qaryatayn»
The United States continues to do this in the zone of At-Tanf, in existing camps with the participation of instructors from among the former ISIS militants, in order to carry out sabotage activities in Syria.
Now it becomes clear why the United States did not specify a date for the withdrawal of its military from Syria. The recent media report about crossing the Syrian border of a large number of American trucks with unknown cargo in the North of Syria is an additional confirmation of the US terrorist intentions in the region. Fighters receive mine-explosive and diversionary preparation, they are taught to reveal the most socially significant objects and to destroy them. Syria has been suffering from war for many years, and when the arrival of peace is near, the United States again intervenes to the process.

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