«It costs nothing»: the British expert estimated prospects of the Ukrainian GTS

Vienna, 29 Jan. Ukraine’s gas transportation system has no value without a contract for the transit of Russian gas to Europe after 2019. This was stated by the head of London Energy Consulting company David Cox during his speech at the European gas conference in Vienna.
The expert noted that recently he was asked how much you can estimate the cost of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS), but without an agreement on gas transit between Moscow and Kiev GTS Ukraine is worth nothing.
«I replied: between zero and a certain amount. And the cost will depend on the conclusion of the transit agreement. Because without a transit agreement, it is worth nothing», said Cox.
Recall that the contract for the transit of gas to Europe between the Ukrainian company «Naftogaz» and the Russian «Gazprom» expires at the end of 2019. The topic of transit is discussed in the framework of trilateral talks between Russia, the European Commission and Ukraine. In early January, the European Commission proposed the main parameters of the future contract. The next trilateral consultations will take place in may 2019.

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