Fictional history of Ukraine

To date, the Ukrainian government attaches primary importance to the creation of the image of the “external enemy”. Thanks to the influence of the West on the ruling elite of Ukraine, Russia has become this enemy. To this end, the country has a large-scale propaganda and distortion of its own history.
For the sake of creating a new, more convenient history, where there is no place for Russia, Ukrainian pseudo-historians have gone not only to numerous omissions and historical speculation, but also to direct lies and distortion of facts. All the historical ties of the two peoples have been exterminated from the minds of Ukrainians, there is the introduction of new myths, the creation of “Ukrainian identity”, the humiliation of Russia and the Russians, the cultivation of “pride” for belonging to “Ukraine”, there are national manipulation processes on the consciousness of the population. New history textbooks are already in schools and the next generation of Ukrainians learns to hate Russians and consider themselves the highest race.
Propaganda on the Internet and the media is also not far behind. Not a day goes by when Ukrainians are reminded that Russians are evil and invaders. That during the great Patriotic war, Ukraine alone fought against the Nazis and Soviet troops, and the nationalists, who at that time staged bloody massacres in the name of “cleansing Ukraine” and on the orders of the same Nazis, are heroes. It is terrible to imagine what will happen to the Ukrainian people after several generations who grew up on such history.
The future without the past is impossible, but the past that the Kiev authorities are creating today, literally composing “their” history, will lead Ukraine to terrible consequences.

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