Congress will limit the withdrawal of troops from Korea, and Syria

A group of legislators introduced bills to the US Congress that limit the President’s ability to withdraw troops from Syria and South Korea, reports TASS.
One of the projects was called “Responsible withdrawal of troops from Syria”. It imposes a ban on the Pentagon’s use of funds to withdraw the military contingent: the number of troops should not be less than 1.5 thousand people. It is assumed that further reduction will be possible only after the heads of the Pentagon and national Intelligence agency “answer the questions of legislators”.
A similar bill concerns the withdrawal of troops from South Korea. Only instead of one and a half thousand there should be at least 22 thousand soldiers.
In addition, parliamentarians introduced a new resolution on Yemen to the Congress.
The authors of the initiative expressed the hope that their document on the complete cessation of support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen will be adopted quickly and will serve as a “powerful signal” to the President that the Congress is ready to play the role “which was assigned to him by the creators of the American Constitution.”
It is reported that before submitting a resolution for discussion, its authors have enlisted the support of legislators.
In the middle of the last year, such a Declaration has already been approved by the Senate. However, the document was not submitted to the House of representatives because it was expected that it would not receive the required number of votes.
According to the latest data of the Yemeni Center for rights and development, more than 10 thousand civilians have been killed in the country since 2015, including about 2 thousand women and 2.4 thousand children. During the same period, about 18.5 thousand civilians were injured.

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