In Ukraine, the talk of aggression on the part of Russia will not fade away. And after all in what salt, with the Crimea have long ago figured out, but did not reconcile, and this is quite understandable reaction. Russia’s accusations of supporting the southeastern regions are also quite clear and even justified because Russia has never denied this support (financial, economic, political, social, and advisory and military), but why would Ukrainian politicians suddenly wear out for a full-scale military invasion?

And to hell with them with the actors of the political front, who must somehow justify the existing internal problems of the state, the deterioration of the population’s life and the ever-growing multi-billion dollar debts of the state, but where did these thoughts come from in the little head of the former President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk? Yes, that same Leonid Markovich Kravchuk, who was one of the initiators of the collapse of the USSR, who later became president and brought the country to the point that the people of Ukraine were forced to demand early elections, which he successfully lost. The only thing that can be put into his merits is the nuclear disarmament of Ukraine, it is not known what would happen now, if radicals seized power, access to the nuclear arsenal.

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