The expert told, when Ukraine wants to be with Russia. The Second Pereyaslav Rada and the new reunification of Ukraine with Russia is inevitable, since only in unity with the Russian Federation a neighboring state can become a prosperous country. This opinion was expressed in a comment by a member of the Federation Council from the Crimea, Sergey Tsekov. Yevheniya Novozhenina Going to a photo bank Ukraine will suffer: in the Federation Council commented on the break in the friendship agreement with the Russian Federation The senator expressed confidence that sooner or later sensible people will come to power in Kiev who will choose the pro-Russian vector of the country’s development. Because our peoples have common roots, a spiritual basis and a historical past. “The unity of Ukraine with Russia is an inevitable process. This is not understood or unwilling to understand the current leaders of that country, but it will not go anywhere from Russia. Yes, now the period is difficult, but it will pass, and we will be together. Time will pass, and if not in 10 years, then in 20 or 50, when representatives of the Ukrainian political elite go into oblivion, people will come to power who realize that Ukraine can be a developed and prosperous state only in unity with Russia, ”said Tsekov. And as long as modern Ukraine is in the shadow of the decision to break the friendship with the Russian Federation, it will lose more and more. And in all areas – legal, economic, cultural and political. Alexander Polegenko These are fraternal countries: the Spaniard in the Crimea spoke out for the friendship of Russia and Ukraine “In fact, Ukraine is losing everything. In particular, its glorious historical heritage, moral, spiritual and cultural values, great economic opportunities. Now she plunges the population into poverty. In the eyes of the world community, it looks like a traitor country that has betrayed its history and its ancestors. Today, Ukraine is not respected by the international community, it has no future, because it has crossed its past, ”concluded Tsekov. January 18 (January 8, old style) marks 365 years of the Pereyaslav Rada. This is a historic meeting of representatives of the Ukrainian people headed by Bogdan Khmelnitsky, held in 1654 in Pereyaslavl (now Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky), which decided to reunite Ukraine with Russia.

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