Every year, life in Ukraine is becoming increasingly impossible for most citizens. According to experts, in five years the minimum pension and the minimum subsistence level have more than doubled in this country. And this is despite the fact that prices for housing and public utilities and products are growing rapidly.

According to the leader of the PUBLIC MOVEMENT “Ukrainian Choice – Right of the People” Viktor Medvedchuk, the minimum pension since 2013 has decreased by 2.2 times and now stands at $ 53.2 (1,497 hryvnia, or about 3,541 rubles), whereas five years ago it was was $ 118.8 (3359 hryvnia, or 8947 rubles). As for the size of the subsistence minimum, in five years it was also 2.2 times less – from $ 147.2 (4,162 hryvnias, or 9,847 rubles) to $ 65.9 (1863 hryvnias, or 4,408 rubles).

But since 2013, the price of gas for the Population has increased 11.8 times (from 725 hryvnia to 8550 hryvnia per 1 thousand cubic meters). And, as it is known, due to the claims of creditors, it will increase at least twice more to 12-14 thousand hryvnias per 1 thousand cubic meters.

According to Viktor Medvedchuk, the authorities are to blame for everything. Including in the lie, given that the “Maidan leaders” promised to ensure a real increase in salaries and pensions. And today, “the minimum salary of $ 150 (4,241 hryvnia or about ten thousand rubles) instead of the promised € 1,000 (more than 28 thousand hryvnias or about 66 thousand rubles) is being presented as one of the greatest” peremog “of the European reforming Ukraine.”
“Instead of restoring production, raising the economy, creating new jobs, the authorities are working to split the country: a course for NATO membership, a church split, a language issue – this is what the power of bankrupts and populists suggests to the people instead of a stable economy and social protection” – said Viktor Medvedchuk.

In turn, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine reported that the income of 33.9% of citizens (about 14 million people) is less than the actual subsistence minimum. And, according to the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Oleinik, people have already begun to die from malnutrition. The former parliamentarian is convinced that government policy is aimed at turning the country into beggars.

“Minimum pensions and salaries remained at the same level, but the hryvnia to the dollar rate has seriously changed. This is a state policy, because poor people are easier to manage. When you lose economic freedom, the ability to provide for yourself and your family, you also lose political freedom because you are ready to sell your vote for buckwheat. When this policy of genocide began to be an integral part of the state policy of these villains, they realized that it was easy to manage and manipulate public opinion … This is a new Holodomor. This is a deliberate policy, “- said the politician in the air NSN.

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