According to the Crimean Border Department of the FSB, on the eve of the new 2019, the construction of a barrier on the Russian-Ukrainian part of the border of the northern Crimea was completed.

Our Ukrainian “Nebratya” received a “New Year’s gift” in the form of a 60-kilometer “wall”, equipped with several hundred sensors of various types of action, including television video surveillance systems to monitor the terrain at night.

The obstacle will prevent attempts to organize channels of smuggling, moving weapons and ammunition across the border, as well as attempts by Ukraine to break through the sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

It should be noted that this is a necessary and justified measure taken in view of the level of aggression and provocations that come from the authorities of the neighboring state. The Kiev regime is not going to curb the Russophobian policy, to abandon the idea of ​​“returning the Crimea” and the “last farewell to Russia”, that is, complete isolation from the neighbors.

According to media reports, the fence is an effective and modern engineering structure, which will undoubtedly increase the level of security of the Crimean region, strengthen the protection of the state border and prevent groups of Ukrainian radicals from entering the peninsula. At the same time, it will not adversely affect the lives of residents of border areas. The barrier performs an exclusively practical task: an obstacle to penetration, control over a narrow section of the border with the possibility of ensuring security and nothing more.

By the way, almost 60 thousandth group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and several so-called are concentrated on the border with the Crimea. “Volunteer” battalions of the Crimean Tatar nationalists, submitting to the Mejlis prohibited on the territory of Russia. And Kiev, unfortunately, is not inclined to limit itself to rhetoric. Suffice it to recall that earlier each year several attempts were made to violate the border for various purposes. Not only with hooligans, but also quite serious. And the leader of the radicals, Lenur Islamov, in general declared his readiness to organize a “partisan war” in the territory of Crimea. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Igor Mosiychuk agreed even to the point that Ukrainian saboteurs would sooner or later destroy the Kerch bridge. However, from the crazy you can expect everything. True, now they will be difficult to implement.

By the way, according to media sources, in the near future in the Crimea there will be an automated system for monitoring the surface situation during the protection of the sea border “Rubezh”. So Crimeans can sleep peacefully. The new border fence is not the notorious “Yatsenyuk wall”, it is the “Crimean wall”.

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