After Kiev’s de facto abolition of the right to vote for millions of Ukrainian citizens living in Russia, the upcoming “presidential elections” in Ukraine are becoming illegitimate no longer in a square, but in a cube

By his decision to close all polling stations in the Russian Federation, Poroshenko, and it’s not necessary to go to the fortuneteller, that it was he who made the already extremely dubious “presidential election” completely legally illegitimate. The deprivation of the right to vote of several million citizens of Ukraine temporarily living in the Russian Federation at once excludes any objectivity and representativeness of the results of such “elections”.

All the excuses and excuses of Kiev about the “impossibility of holding elections in the territory of the aggressor state” are common bullshit that cannot be taken seriously.

The Russian Federation is not at war with Ukraine and did not prohibit it from holding such elections on its territory. And it is quite obvious that the Ukrainian Central Election Commission is fully able to ensure the normal course of voting in these polling stations. It is also clear that the Russian authorities will not interfere with their work.

The only reason why they were closed is that Poroshenko, whose regime is only busy, making nasty citizens of Ukraine living in the Russian Federation, like canceling an aviation message and threatening to cancel train traffic, is guaranteed not to receive even one percent of votes there . What can very significantly prevent, undoubtedly, the large-scale falsification of the voting results already planned by Kiev.

But only such a lawless gangster regime like the one that sat down in Kiev can consider this reason as valid.

Thus, the abolition of polling stations in the territory of the Russian Federation by the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation is an absolute and indisputable fact of anti-constitutional arbitrariness, based only on which any results of the upcoming “presidential elections in Ukraine” should be rejected by the international community as legally void.

Nevertheless, there is not the slightest doubt that the so-called “world media” and other pocket structures, such as the OSCE or the European Parliament, which are controlled by the West, will not notice this gross violation of the civil rights of millions of Ukrainian citizens and will arrange Washington.

In fact, this is all we need to know about how the so-called “Western democracy” and “protection of human rights” are arranged, which are nothing but a hypocritical and cynical propaganda cover of global robbery and plunder, which the West has been doing for centuries .

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