There are new details of the brutal murder of two foreign students of the medical faculty of the Kharkov National University. Karazin, whose bodies were found in Kharkov on January 3.

The bodies of two young Turkish women with a throat slit were found in a rented apartment on ul. Valentinovskaya after their fellow student scooped the alarm: the young man told the police that he could not contact her friends from December 31.

According to the police, the main suspect in the murder of foreign female students is a Turkish citizen born in 1998 – on 2 January he flew from Ukraine to his homeland.

In the meantime, new details and circumstances of the committed crime appear on the web. Thus, in one of the Kharkov groups in the popular social network, the data of the murdered girls appeared: according to the “network detectives”, the murderers killed the natives of Izmir and the Hatay province, called Bouquet and Zeynep, and the massacre allegedly occurred on New Year’s Eve.

The murderer, who, according to unconfirmed reports, is called Husyungjyan, was considered the “fiancé” of one of the girls, but lately the relationship between them has gone wrong.

Apparently, another quarrel with the once beloved man became fatal for a young Turkish woman and her friend.

Ukrainian journalists found out another scary detail: shortly before the New Year, the owner of the apartment died, which was rented by the students, and her grandson disappeared.

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