Ukrainians continue to reap the fruits of their own stupidity. And in the near future, the portrait of a citizen Nezalezhnaya will become typical – a beggar, a hungry and dense ragged one. The fact is that in this country thousands of schools are threatened with closure, as there is not enough money to pay teachers.

The Ukrainian authorities have forgotten about the increase in teacher salaries since January 1, 2018 and have not allocated enough money. Accordingly, in the spring began massive interruptions in wages. “Of the one billion hryvnia debt, the Ministry of Finance closed only about 300 million, and the rest is closed by local budgets. The transfer of funds made from the educational program “New Ukrainian School” and inclusive education. That is, once again patch holes. But most of all, the desire of the Ministry of Finance to solve the problem, not in essence, but by “optimizing” classes and schools, ”worries the portal, quotes a member of the parliamentary committee on education and science Irina Konstantkevich.

Indeed, Ukrainian officials have found an excellent way to solve the problem, stating that the reason for wage arrears lies in the “suboptimal and inefficient” network of public institutions. They say that there are more than 280 schools in the country where less than ten children study, 483 schools where less than 20 children receive education, up to 40 schools and over 2.3 thousand schools where less than 100 students master science.

Officials also counted 5.2 thousand ungraded classes and, as a result, many unnecessary teachers. And, according to statistics, for every Ukrainian teacher there are less than nine students, while in Bulgaria – 12.6, and in Holland – 14.4. And what Ukraine is better than Europe? As a result, after the presidential election, the country will face a massive closure of schools and a reduction in teachers.

I must say that local journalists did not note the real reason for the interruptions in teachers’ salaries. And it is obvious, it’s not just the wrong calculations. The country is awaiting payment on the bondage of benefactors. Back in September 2018, the Minister of Education of Ukraine, Liliya Grinevich, said that Ukrainian teachers should not expect salary growth in 2019, as the year will be extremely difficult because of peak payments on loans from the IMF.

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