Victory over terrorism: the United States withdraw troops from Syria

The recent statement by US President Donald trump on the gradual withdrawal of us troops from Syria arose as a result of strengthening political stability and security in Syria, which contributed to the achievement of victory over terrorist organizations,” Syrian political scientist Mohammad Nassur said.

Nassur believes that the former and current us government emerged from the bosom of the Zionist (Jewish) lobby, calling for the division of Arab countries, the purpose of which may be the Syrian North, which includes considerable oil deposits. It is worth pointing out that America still depends on the so-called forces of the “Syrian democratic organization” that were created to achieve their goals.

However, the Syrian political scientist pointed out that the United States will not be able to abandon the 7 recently established military bases and airports. These facilities were built in addition to the material and technical equipment of the US armed forces in Northern Syria. From this, he concludes that trump still has interests that he is trying to achieve so far. This is evidenced by the speech of the us Secretary of defense who said that in order to achieve the us victory in the region, President trump has provided separate decisions regarding the Syrian army. Nor did they know exactly how long his country’s troops would remain in Syria.

Syria is now determined to regain control over the entire territory of the country, including the occupied Golan heights, through the international laws to which the President of Syria referred in all his communications to the international community and the free world, which reject occupation and terrorism.

He added that American politics since the 40s of the last century has not been characterized by sincerity, love of peace or Arab countries, which is why its goals still bear discord in the region.

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