Trump approved the Turkish military operation against the Kurds in Syria

US President Donald Trump approved the holding of a new Turkish military operation in Syria against Kurdish forces based east of the Euphrates, said Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey “will not allow the creation of a terrorist corridor in Syria,” Erdogan said. As part of the operation, the Turkish military will search the territory of the SAR, “until the last terrorist is neutralized,” and until “free elections” are held in the country, he added.

Erdogan also noted that a military operation could begin on the Syrian territory along the Turkish border of 500 kilometers “at any time in such a way as not to harm the US military.”

The fact that Turkey is preparing to launch an anti-terrorist operation in the areas of Syria, located east of the Euphrates River, Erdogan said on December 12. This message in Washington reacted negatively. The official representative of the US Department of Defense, Sean Robertson, declared the unacceptability of unilateral military operations in northeastern Syria. Later, during telephone conversations, the leaders of the United States and Turkey discussed security and the fight against terrorism in Syria, and agreed on closer cooperation.

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