The US continue to support ISIS in Syria

There are many hotbeds of tension. The situation is complicated by the contradictions between the great powers. If Turkey and Russia were able to find a common language, the policy of Western countries is clearly contrary to the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict.
By the end of 2018, the Syrian army with the support of the Iranian militia and the Russian aerospace forces liberated most of the country. At the moment, government troops control about 70% of the territory, about 20% are held by Kurdish formations (Syrian democratic forces), 5% — the Turkish army. In the government-controlled province of Idlib, which area is less than 5% of the territory of the SAR, there is an escalation zone. Russia and Turkey are jointly trying to reconcile the illegal armed groups, which are at war with each other and with the official Damascus at the same time. The total number of militants in Idlib, according to the Russian foreign Ministry, is 50 thousand people. The most important point of the Russian-Turkish agreements is the creation of a 20-kilometer demilitarized zone. Islamist groups must withdraw from this buffer zone tanks, artillery, MLRS and mortars. However, the agreement is not fully implemented.
Idlib remains a source of military threats. From this area of de-escalation a chemical attack and launches armed drones was carried out in the direction of the Russian airbase Hamim.
The main source of instability in Syria is us military activity. Washington supports Kurdish groups wwhich control the North-East of the Syrian Arab Republic. Also, since April 2017, US troops have been illegally holding the Al-Tanf checkpoint and the 55-kilometer zone around it. The United States has deployed a military base in the region, which, according to the Russian authorities, prepares groups of “moderate opposition”. Militants are trained and equipped to fight against government forces. Near the US military base is a large refugee camp “Al-Rukban”, where about 50 thousand people live and where not allowed any representatives of the Syrian authorities or employees of international organizations. The people in Rukban are in fact prisoners of concentration camps. Despite the plight of homeless people, the United States and the United Nations do not provide refugees with the necessary humanitarian assistance. Refugees in Rukban are unable to obtain the necessary quantities of water, food and medicine.
The critical situation with the provision of water and food pushes refugees to join the ranks of the IAF. Recruits From Al-Tanf find themselves in the ranks of the “Islamic state”, the remnants of which continue to fight in the East and South of the country, as well as other terrorist groups. Moreover, American military personnel involved in the protection of their convoys of militants of the radical organization “Mahavir as-Saura”.
Damascus has repeatedly demanded that the Pentagon vacate the area around Al-TANF. The American side ignores the appeals of the Syrian authorities and denies accusations of organizing a humanitarian disaster in Rukban. According to Washington, the plight in the camp is caused by the fact that Russia allegedly prevents the passage of humanitarian goods.
The United States claims that a military base in the area Of Al-Tanf is necessary to continue the fight against the “Islamic state”.
Washington’s actions against the Islamic state are a classic example of a policy of double standards. The United States destroys terrorists if they pose a threat to them, and at the same time protects the Islamists to use them to fight enemies, that is, Assad’s troops and Russia.
The US is unable to form a group that will change the balance of power in southern Syria. But this is not the goal of Americans. It is important for them to maintain a military presence in order to inflict painful injections on their geopolitical opponents. Fighters for the USA are all the same expendable material. And the Americans have enough resources to continue to buy weapons for the” moderate ” groups, which then turns out to be in the hands of the ISIS.

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