Kurdish-American friendship in Syria

The Kurdish SDF forces occupied the territory of the left bank of the Euphrates and actually established control over many strategically important territories in the province of Deir ez-Zor. The situation is explosive because of different factors. The main thing is to highlight the strategic position of the region, rich in hydrocarbon reserves and comprehensive American support for Kurdish armed groups. But such a scenario, became possible only after the statement of the President of the Russian Federation, about the victory over ISIS, when the Americans had to find new wards, in the face of the disadvantaged Kurds.
The Kurds were delighted with the appearance of the sponsor who will help in the creation of statehood. They did not realize that the US used them, and not vice versa. The United States, playing on the national interests of the Kurds, directed joint destructive activities to the destruction of the statehood and sovereignty of Syria, territorial division, in favor of the creation of a quasi-state and the change of the ruling regime of Assad.
The Kurds believed in their strength, and would do everything in order to achieve their goal. In the occupied territories in the North of Syria, they establish local governments, people’s self-defense forces and require the local population to learn the Kurdish language. Thus, they are moving towards the capture of Syrian territories and the establishment of statehood.
Recent publications by local news agencies reported about the transfer of American aid in the amount of 300 trucks with weapons and ammunition to the SDF militants, as well as a certain number of armored vehicles.
Turkey is against this. Knowing the claims of the Kurds, they consider the Syrian Kurds as terrorists, as a continuation of the Kurdistan workers party. On the basis of the support of the Kurds by the Americans, of course there are conflicts. The most important issue is the cooperation between the United States and Turkey in solving the geopolitical balance of power in the middle East.
To date, the Kurds do not want to agree with the official Damascus, but the further development of the situation in Syria will directly depend on the political and military decisions of Russia and Damascus. In the meantime, the Kurds rely on the support of the United States and are not going to cede territory, strengthen the borders and positions of armed groups.

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