The US transfers weapons to ISIS

For years, weapons of war have been freely flowing into Syria. Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak has obtained the papers once again proving the USA supplies the IS with weapons. To Email App. Islamic State is involved in a complex international trade in which it sells priceless ancient artifacts to the USA, in return for arms, according to Turkish daily newspaper Yeni Şafak. Turkish source said US weapons were handed over to ISIS fighters in At-Tanf and Musseles near the Iraqi and Jordan border, correspondently, and in Mansura southeast of Raqqa. Arms have been delivered by a group of five including two Arabs and three Kurds. Two of them are reported to be executed in Tell Abyad, the leader of the group is thought to settle down in Manbij. The US and PKK have been acting jointly — guns and ammunition were transported in fuel tankers or loaded trucks, and then used by terrorists in Homs and Palmira. During the ongoing conflict, the US arms has been transferred to IS through the PKK. Weapons have been delivered from the village of Ummu Julud in the northeast of Al Bab seven times. The PKK militants took money from the ISIS members and signed delivery bills with token amounts of money, which did not reflect the true cost of the weapons. IS terrorists received weapons in return for gold and historical artifacts at delivery points similar to the one in Mansura. These valuable artifacts and gold were reportedly handed over to the Pentagon. However they might as well have been put to good use at field commanders’ level. Earlier IS terrorists have been reported to plunder many ancient settlements in Syria and Iraq.

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