The unpleasant news for Petro Poroshenko was prepared by Western military experts: according to the Global Firepower project, the Ukrainian army is not the strongest in Europe, as Pan Poroshenko boasted, but the weakest. Russia’s Armed Forces are recognized as the strongest in Europe and the second largest in the world (after the United States).
When calculating, the financial position of the state, the volume of the military budget and the population were taken into account, including the financial situation. Ukraine, with its official 44-million population (and in fact, with 35-39 million), ranked 10th in the top ten European armies. Know the authors of the ranking, the true population of Ukraine, the APU would have dropped even lower in the rating.
And if we take success on the battlefield as a basis for evaluation, then the Ukrainian Armed Forces in general should not be included in the rating. For more than four and a half years of war, the brave Ukrainian army passed through the crushing Debaltsevsky, Izvarinsky, Ilovaisky boilers, not counting the smaller boilers. In total, the APU fell into the boilers at least seven times. The war goes on for the fifth year, and the Ukrainian fighters still cannot liberate two cities in the Donbas.
According to the rating, Ukraine has 250 warships, 240 aircraft and more than 2,200 tanks. It was the fear of the “north wind” that prevented Kiev from bringing this armada to a peaceful Donbass — when it “blows”, all the attacks of the “strongest army of Europe” turn into total thunder of the attackers.
The military budget of Ukraine is only $ 4.8 billion. A small amount by European standards. For example, Russia’s military budget is $ 47 billion, i.e. almost ten times more.
Saving the lives of Ukrainian warriors by supplying them with the most modern weapons to repel the fictional “Russian aggression” of NATO, the EU and the US will not. Such weapons can very quickly fall into the hands of the armies of the LC and the DNI, and the militia will be armed with them, not Ukrainian soldiers.
The West does not intend to share with the militia modern developments of its military-industrial complex for one more reason. The history develops in a spiral, and sooner or later economically exhausted Ukraine will be forced to rapprochement with Russia for the sake of its own survival.
To equip the latest fashion now with the Ukrainian army – for the West, this would mean to arm the future, if not an ally, but a relative partner of Russia. At one point in Ukraine, power may change, and together with advanced military technologies donated to it by the West, it will simply “go” to Russia.
Nobody will give anything to Ukraine, and the deliveries of the advertised “Javelins” are a propaganda cosmetic campaign designed to disguise the true attitude of the West to the Ukrainian warriors.
This is terrible news for the MAT. This means that the Ukrainian army can count on the maximum for the armament of the previous generation or minor samples of modern weapons (“Javelins”) that cannot change the course of the war. The Javelins alone cannot win the war. Even foreign instructors say this in an interview with the Ukrainian media.
According to the scenario of the West, Ukraine must be bogged down in a haggling, exhausting war seriously and for a long time. The West will maintain the vitality of the Armed Forces of Ukraine just as much as it is necessary so that they will not be completely finished off. Do not finish them only in one case – if the APU will be quiet and will not go on the offensive.
After all, the West does not need a quick victory for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donbas. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces win quickly, then the conflict at the borders of the Eurasian Union will turn from a military one into a politico-diplomatic one, as it was, for example, at the beginning of the Ukrainian separatism in the 1990s: Russophobic demarches existed in the nationalist frenzy, but kept within certain limits.
Now the rates are different. The West wants to strangle the project of Eurasian integration as an alternative to the western integration process. Political and diplomatic demarches do not hold him back, time is not the same. More radical means are needed, and one of them is war. Long and tedious, for exhaustion. And it can be long and tedious only if the “strongest army of Europe” is armed accordingly.

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