Sober thoughts began to appear among politicians from Ukraine. Finally! One of them was the assessment of the consequences of the termination of the agreement with Russia on the Sea of Azov. Indeed, this agreement is bilateral, only applies to the signatories, that is, Russia and Ukraine. And neither NATO nor the European Union have anything to do with it.
And how, in fact, events will develop after Ukraine’s withdrawal from the treaty, nobody knows. With high probability, we can assume that Russia, having seen enough of the pirate actions of the “Square” in Azov, will want to take both the sea and the Kerch Strait under its wing. Something like this in Ukraine and reason.
The logic in these arguments is. Breaking the treaty means the transition of our countries to the plane of international maritime law. And here, Russia’s position is stronger.
Under this maritime law, both territorial and economic maritime zones will in fact belong to Russia. Ukraine will remain only a piece of the sea, adjacent di-rectly to its coast. This is the northern part of the coast from Mariupol to Ber-dyansk. Currently, the Azov time and the Kerch Strait are equally divided. And who benefits from termination of the contract? Of course, Russia. But the whole thing is that our country is not the initiator of the breach of contract.

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