Closer to the cold, some Ukrainian politicians are worried about who will choose them next time if the population dies out because of the gas shutdown during the frost. This is a real threat, considering that Kiev not only gave the go-ahead to increase the price of blue gold by 23.5%, but also allowed Naftagaz to turn off gas in the winter for utility bills.
According to experts, such a permit can lead to the fact that freeze-up entire cities, and it is comparable to the license to kill. You can never shut off gas in sub-zero temperatures, say many Ukrainian politicians.
According to media reports, Ukrainians have accumulated 38 billion hryvnia (more than 88 billion rubles) of utility payments debts. Debts on communal increased seven times in the last five years. And not because people do not want to pay, or because people are bad. Because people simply have no money.
The overt genocide of the population, which the local authorities have long since initiated in the country, is still taken for granted in Ukraine. The image of Russia as an enemy still works and the population is ready to brew tea with wood (who, of course, has them), etc. However, the gas shutdown is not all the troubles that will come this fall and winter.
Many Ukrainians, for example, will have to say goodbye not only to personal transport, but also to public transport (given the high likelihood of rising prices for travel), since Russia has stopped exporting gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil to Belarus before the end of next year.
As representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation explained, Minsk completely provides itself with products of refining Russian oil, and re-exports the purchased fuel to Ukraine.
As a result, experts say, until Kiev finds an alternative to fuel supplies from Belarus, the domestic market will be in a fever in terms of both volumes and prices. The only way to fill this gap is to buy fuel in Europe, but prices there are much higher than “Belarusian” prices. Accordingly, gasoline for ordinary Ukrainians will become liquid gold.

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