Impunity of the Kiev regime came to an end, and even so at the wrong time, when the country literally held its breath in anticipation of the upcoming presidential elections next spring
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a very loud decree on the introduction of economic sanctions against Ukraine and the Kiev regime in particular. In the near future, the government will take over the execution of the decree, and Petro Poroshenko and his minions will have to bite their elbows.
Such a decision, of course, can not be called ambitious. With all the American sanctions imposed, which Washington is storming every disagreeable country, Moscow’s approach does look insignificant, but, as they say, the devil is in the details.
First of all, it should be understood that the sanctions of Russia against the United States would be extremely meaningless, even despite the fact that this is where the source of all the problems lies. The trouble is that it is unlikely to shut up this source, and the response in the best traditions of the West is not long in coming. Yes, and this step would be extremely ugly on the part of the president of the Russian Federation, who is seeking to enter into constructive relations with Washington.
But Ukraine, or rather, the Kiev authorities, who regularly besiege Russia at the side, are very limited in their movements and the sanctions against them, though they will not put an end to provocations, will make life much more difficult.
Moreover, responding to sanctions “mirror” is simple, but not always practical. And such a local strike, as sanctions against Kiev can be much more useful in the future. And here we are already approaching the key features of such a move on the part of Moscow.
Many, discussing the decree of the President of Russia, claim that he was allegedly late with the introduction of restrictive measures. Like, it’s high time. However, this is not quite true. And everything is done, as soon as possible.
Very soon, Ukraine will have to choose a new president, and Petro Poroshenko, in addition to his “faith, army, and army,” made a considerable stake on the country’s “independence”, especially from Russia. He promised that breaking the diplomatic relations with Moscow would not worsen the situation, but rather the opposite. He promised that in the confrontation with the “aggressor” the West will always come to the aid of Ukraine and support financially.
However, the Russian sanctions for the months that remained before the Ukrainian elections are intended to show what Poroshenko really achieved and what awaits the country if he remains in power. They will show sanctions and the fact that there is no one to help Ukraine.
Neither Europe nor the United States will not intercede for Kiev, because there is simply nothing to cover in this situation, and considering that it was Russia that until the last remained the largest investor in the Ukrainian economy, the entire election campaign of the still incumbent President Poroshenko will keep up with the crisis completely new level. And here only the “Western partners” will be able to help the guarantor, but will they do it?

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