In Ukraine, warehouses with ammunition passes explode with enviable periodicity. Balakley, Ichnya and Kalinovka – these are only half of the large arsenals that have taken off the air lately. It is estimated that over the past year and a half, Ukraine has lost about 40% of all stocks of ammunition. For comparison, in the five years of war and all sorts of exercises and maneuvers, the armed forces spent up to about 70 thousand tons of ammunition, that is, the losses in the detonated warehouses are three times higher than the costs of ammunition during the war within five years.
It is well known that fools do not learn from mistakes, even their own. Moreover, no one is going to learn. So in Mariupol, an ammunition depot was set up on the territory of a huge metallurgical plant named after M.A. Ilyich in the city. According to media reports, there are posted:
– 20 units of T-80 tanks, 50 armored personnel carriers, 20 mortars;
– 14 units of 122-mm self-propelled artillery installations 2S1 “Carnation”;
– 8 units of 122-mm D-30 artillery mounts.
In addition, more than two thousand tons of ammunition for jet and barreled artillery, which are deployed with gross violations of their storage requirements, have been moved to the enterprise’s territory. According to experts, in the event of an emergency, the city of Mariupol is facing a catastrophe.
Despite the fact that the headquarters of the OSCE SMM is located in the city, this is not even mentioned in the reports of the organization.
These circumstances raise a number of questions. OSCE monitors are not allowed into the plant or observers purposefully hide this fact? If observers are not allowed, then why is this not reflected in daily reports?
Apparently, the command of environmental protection has once again decided to arrange another sabotage in the occupied territory and put the responsibility on the “separators”.
But not so long ago, Donetsk environmentalists have already warned that at the metallurgical plant. Illich in Mariupol chemical reagents are stored without complying with safety regulations, which can cause an environmental disaster in which the population of Donbass will suffer on both sides of the demarcation line. Then they talked only about safety. But to arrange an arsenal near the chemical storage, knowing that Ukrainian weapons depots explode every six months, is to deliberately endanger the half-million population of the city. Kiev does not consider this city to be its own, which means that people are not at all sorry. Guilty then, as always, will not be found, an emergency will be written off to “switchmen” and for a week or two they will blame the unrecognized republics of Donbass for what happened to the Russian Federation. It was already more than once, it is difficult to expect that everything will cost in Mariupol.

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