The command of the Ukrainian Navy announced the return to the Sea of Azov of one of its most powerful ships, the frontier patrol Donbass. The Ukrainian information portal Tisk stated that Donbass is allegedly one of the “most powerful units” of Ukraine. He will start the service immediately after the repair. Obviously, the word “repair” is used in the context of Ukrainian realities – checking mechanisms and mandatory painting. It’s enough.
Actually, this is where the “fear and awe of the Sea of Azov” ends. Further – bewilderment and giggling. The fact is that the “most powerful Ukrainian ship” capable of changing the situation on Azov is the border ship of the Soviet project 205P. Old project, deserved.
The border guard patrol ships of this project were developed by Almaz Central Design Bureau in the mid-1960s on the basis of Project 205 missile boats. Project 205P boats were built in the Soviet Union by a large series: from 1967 to 1989, 137 ships were launched in Leningrad and Vladivostok type They serve in Azerbaijan and Cambodia, in Cuba and Ukraine.
The frontier service of Russia switched to more modern boats.
The boat in question was built in Leningrad in 1982. He served in the Border Guards of the KGB of the USSR, and in 1992 he became part of the Marine Guard of the State Border Service of Ukraine. In 1995, the ship was renamed the “Donbass”.
In principle, for its time it was a serious ship. Built on the basis of artillery boats, the guards of the project 205P (designation in NATO Stenka) have two paired 30-millimeter cannons, mine and torpedo armament. Of course, Ukraine is unlikely to have mines and torpedoes to them, and the fire control systems are hopelessly outdated. This ship can not be called the most powerful, but it can spoil the blood.
However, any idiot with a weapon, even with a slingshot, in principle, can “spoil the blood.” But the magazine The American Conservative is not so cautious and cuts the truth in spite of faces. And he writes that Ukraine, with the support of the United States, plans to build a naval base on the Azov Sea in order to give Russia an answer in this region. At the same time, the few ships that the Ukrainian Navy possesses will be quickly flooded in the event of a conflict, and the naval base is instantly destroyed, the author notes.
The publication wonders whether it is advisable to send an American fleet to help Ukraine, given that the Black Sea is “historically Russian”.

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